About Me

Whats up everybody this is Phil, I wanted to thank you for visiting the site & let you know a little more about me. In the summer of 2015 I stopped playing professionally overseas to begin the next chapter of my life as a basketball skills trainer that focused on ministry in my community. My goal is to combine high level basketball training with Christian ministry in a unique way. My first love has always been basketball, I lived & breath the hoop life as child & that really has never stopped. At age 19 I heard the Gospel in a way that changed my life so it was only right that my faith carried over to the court. Today my focus is primarily passing on what I've learned & helping people through the game. I hope to have some kind of impact on people's lives through social media, online training, private sessions, camps or speaking to groups. Its all about finding out what God put you on this earth to do & then letting that light shine to help others. 



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